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Logo Isolcell Italia

Isolcell - controlled atmosphere and nitrogen generatorsWe believe that it is important to devote part of our resources to research & development. Our success has been built on this philosophy. We are now at the forefront in the field of technological development thanks to the quality of our production processes and to our ability to find the best solution in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. We want keep offering ideal products and to deliver optimal performances. Always in cooperation with our customers.

We have continuously improved our capacity to innovate and have made considerable effort in the area of research about nitrogen. In doing so we have been able to develop several patents, many concerning nitrogen. We have also been granted the status “Laboratory of Research” of the Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research designation in 1989.

Isolcell meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 certification. This is another clear demonstration of our commitment to quality and underlines the importance Isolcell places on quality and on the permanent improvement of products and production processes. 

Nitrogen generators  the future of conservation


Nitrogen generators for all kind of sectors from fruit conservation to the art preservation all over the world

Controlled atmosphere technology and nitrogen generators

Isolcell International

Isolcell - International


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