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Today we are considered worldwide leaders in the industry of Modified and Controlled Generated Atmospheres

Today we are considered worldwide leaders in the industry of Modified and Controlled Generated Atmospheres

From the traditional field of fruit and vegetables storage, our expertise has developed forward with innovative applications within the petroleum and gas, pharmaceutical, electronics, maritime, heat treatment, and laser cutting industries. Moreover within the detail oriented field of artistic & historical heritage conservation, pest control of food commodities and in the fire prevention purposes i.e. Oxygen Reduction System. Innovation challenges are on-going: at Isolcell we are ready to embrace them and to go way beyond.


Controlled Atmospheres

Our Storage Division studies, designs and manufactures solutions for the fruit and vegetable storage market. It uses the most advanced controlled atmosphere technology to maintain the quality of foodstuffs and lengthen their post-harvest storage life. In addition, Isolcell designs and builds turnkey storage warehouses, based on polyurethane and sheet metal sandwich thermal insulation panels, insulated doors, gas-tightness, industrial refrigeration and provision of all the equipment needed to monitor the warehouse’s atmosphere. This is the historic Division of Isolcell which can boast plants installed worldwide.

Industry Division

Nitrogen generators

Isolcell Industry Division was born at the beginning of the 2000s to meet the specific needs of on-site nitrogen production at that time developing within a variety of industrial applications. Since then we have continued designing and manufacturing innovative and reliable Nitrogen Generators for Industrial applications, pushing a sustainable and shared development on a worldwide scale, through a dynamic and responsible service, at complete clients’ disposal.

Fire prevention Division

N2 Oxygen Reduction System

The active N2 OXYGEN REDUCTION SYSTEM® prevents the development or spreading of open fires by adding nitrogen to the atmosphere. Until recently, the focus was to discover a fire as quickly as possible and to extinguish it effectively. Technological progress, careful and meticulous studies during these decades made it possible to greatly reduce the risk of fires in general.

Cultural Heritage

Nitrogen generators

This division studies, designs and builds solutions for the maintenance/disinfestation of artistic and cultural heritage.

Innovation, research and development

We have always been focused on research & development. Each year a considerable part of our human resources and revenues are dedicated to studying and testing new products. This creative attitude is not limited to only one department. As a matter of fact the constant will to solve problems in an inventive way is first of all a human behavior. This is an open minded approach which is confirmed by our results: more than 33 International patents and a constantly growing set of solutions admired on a worldwide scale. But this is not enough. We collaborate with Universities and Research Centers on projects which end up generating practical solutions to be implemented immediately. On top of that, from the year 2000, we are certified as Research Laboratory recognized by the Ministry of University and Technological-Scientific Research.

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The Isolcell N2 Oxygen Reduction System®

The Isolcell N2 Oxygen Reduction System® is a fire protection strategy that involves reducing the oxygen concentration in a protected area to a level that is insufficient to support combustion.

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