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1958, the year we were born. Within the context of the Italian economic revolution, fond of new ways of living and investing, we decided to develop the Controlled Atmosphere technology to storage apples and pears produced in large quantities over our territory, the most important fruit production area in Europe. Since then, our progress evolved following the market trends.  From a small family business we have become a structured modern company, and we are part of an industrial group named Finanziaria Unterland Spa. Today we are considered worldwide leaders in the industry of Modified and Controlled Generated Atmospheres. We have never stopped improving. From the traditional field of fruit and vegetables storage, our expertise has developed forward with innovative applications within the petroleum and gas, pharmaceutical, electronics, marine, heat treatment, and laser cutting industries. Moreover within the detail oriented field of artistic & historical heritage conservation, and pest control of food commodities. Innovation challenges are on-going: at Isolcell we are ready to embrace them and to go way beyond.


Total quality

Quality, reliability and results

Quality is part of our history. The reason why we have been setting the example in the industry for more than 50 years it is because our main goal has not changed over time: “continuously increasing qualitative standards of the products and services offered”.

All our design and production activities are following strict rules regarding both safety and environmental conservation: we comply with European and Intercontinental regulations.
Our lean company structure and our problem solving approach allow us to guarantee reliability and results.

Our company Quality Management System is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Our products comply with the following standards, according to which we are certified by prestigious international bodies: PED 2014/68/EU, ISO 20338:2019, EN 16750:2017, EN IEC 61508, ӦNORM F 3000, VdS 2344, VdS 2841.

Our history is strongly tied to technological evolution and to market needs.

Isolcell was born; the first headquarters were in Bolzano.We started manufacturing the first storages with controlled atmosphere for apples and pears conservation in Trentino Alto Adige. The very first gas-proof cold storages were manufactured using bitumed alluminum foils attached to polystyrene panels.We introduced the manual technology of volume analysis of O2 and CO2 gases using the ORSAT method.In 1960 we already introduced the first revolution in this sector by beginning to achieve the isolation of cold storages using polyester resin strenghten with fiberglass.

We exclusively represented the first diethanolamine CO2 absorber automatically renewable using heat, manufactured by the English company Hall Thermotank; two years later we started manufacturing it under license. Thanks to the initial successes, we started exporting our technologies all over Europe. In 1963 we already started developing and distributing the first CO2 absorbers based on a potassium carbonate solution.

In partnership with the Swiss company Sulzer we developed the first active carbon CO2 absorber renewable using cold, a machine which has revolutionized the CO2 adsorption technique at the time, and whose functioning method is still at the basis of the modern Scrubber.

Isolcell came out with DEOXO, a combustion catalytic converter to decrease the oxygen level inside fruit storages.

We perfectioned our catalyst technology improving its efficiency and we manufactured an open cycle propane combustion system named ISOGEN. In Italy we are the first to introduce and to use the prefabricated panels technology (metal sheet – polyurethane – metal sheet) to manufacture cold storages with controlled atmosphere. At the same time we developed an innovative acrylic resin, with high elasticity and resistance capacity: Isolcoat.
Thanks to its unique features and easy application, Isolcoat became the standard still used today to achieve isolation from gases in cold storages and in any kind of enviroment.

Isolcell developed the first ultrasound and paramagnetic electronic analyzers for CO2 and Oxygen measuring. We introduced in Europe the automation of A.C. systems through the use of electromechanical programming units. We moved to our current headquarters in Laives.

In Europe we were first to come up with the idea of using lower oxygen level atmospheres to disinfest food from infestation without using chemical products. By doing so we gave birth to a methodology which would become the modern standard for eco-friendly disinfestation.

At the beginning of the ’80s Isolcell came up with the idea of introducing a CO2 absorber at the end of its nitrogen generator ISOGEN combustion process, creating the first combustion generator able to produce CO2 residue-free nitrogen, which all previous generators could not achieve; “NITROGEN” was born. This new type of machine was then produced and appreciated on a worldwide scale untill the end of the ’90s.

We introduced in Europe a new American technology for Nitrogen production based on the principle of molecular separation of air; the N2 Separator was born, the first hollow fibers nitrogen generator, able to achieve molecular filtration. We were the first to manufacture and introduce in the field of fresh fruit storage the conservation method known as ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) with extremely low oxygen levels, which will triple fresh fruit conservation time compared to the traditional cold storage. Following the personal computer diffusion, we started to manufacture the first fully electronic A.C. monitoring and control systems. The first articles and studies were published about ethylene gas accelerating effect on fruits and vegetables ripening; Isolcell manufactured a private label chemical and catalytic depurator of ethylene, whose functioning principles will be the basis of the machines produced untill the modern days.

We were the first in the World to apply the controlled atmosphere technologies to the field of fresh fruit naval transportation. Isolcell started to produce the first molecular sieves nitrogen generators with PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorber).

Thanks to the great success of our PSA generators, we re-engineered our product line making our machines modular and scalable. We patented the innovative regeneration system of CO2 absorbers through the use of nitrogen; an addition which allowed to eliminate the oxygen introduction after the regeneration process in the cold storages. The Italian “Monopoli di Stato” chose our technical solutions to eliminate the infesting pests of tobacco without the need of chemical solutions; we were the first in Italy to achieve the eco-friendly pest control of tobacco.
We built the first low pressure molecular sieves nitrogen generators with low energy consumption using the patented VSA method (Vacuum Swing Adsorber). We started introducing our nitrogen generators even within the oenology field.
We developed and patented the first closed cycle oxygen absorber (ADOX); today this product is still undefeated worldwide in terms of energy efficiency, and it is the preferred solution for every application which needs to cut the oxygen levels in closed environments with maximum efficiency.

We upgraded our line of ethylene depurators creating DEOXYL L.E. (Low Energy), a product studied to drastically reduce the energetic consumption during the process of ethylene depuration.

For Bolzano’s archaeological museum (Ötzi) we invented the concept of “total protection for artistic and historical artifacts” and we created the first protective atmosphere showcases, which are able to regulate temperature, relative humidity, residual oxygen, and to decrease dust particles and bacterias within the internal atmosphere.

We became exclusive worldwide partners for the distribution of a revolutionary technology developed by the Canadian Government and we introduced the concept of D.C.A. (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) within the fresh fruit storage field.
We patented a new control system for our CO2 absorbers and we created the line I.S. (Intelligent Scrubber). The new absorbers are able to reach performances beyond any expectations. The Industry division was born.

The Fire Prevention division was born, more precisely the “N2 FIREFIGHTER®” which introduced the methodology of oxygen depletion for environments, people, and goods protection.

After four years of certifications process, Isolcell gets certified under European laws for its N2 FIREFIGHTER® technology, and became acknowledged by the Austrian Government as authorized manufacturer and installer of security devices.