The brand-new ISOSEP nitrogen generator

🚀 We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new cutting-edge Compact Nitrogen Generator

The ISOSEP systems are appropriate for use in small spaces (server room, IT, archive) and can also be connected inside the area to be protected.

✨ Key Features:

1️⃣ Compact Design: only 0,4 x 0,8 x 1,2 m

2️⃣ Energy-Efficient: Engineered for maximum efficiency

3️⃣ User-Friendly: Intuitive controls make operation a breeze

4️⃣ Versatility: From industrial applications to laboratories, this generator adapts to diverse needs

How the Isosep system works

While Nimos nitrogen generators and ADOX® oxygen adsorbers use molecular sieves to create a self-extinguishing atmosphere, Isosep generators use a high-pressure air compressor to drive the compressed air through the hollow-fibre membranes. This makes it possible to capture and expel the oxygen molecules, allowing the nitrogen molecules to pass through, as shown in the following illustration. The Isosep generators have been designed to protect small environments. Because of their ergonomic design, they can be easily installed inside the area to protect, optimising the use of space.

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